• Communications Consultant & Video Producer.

  • Civic Leader & Former County Board Candidate.

  • Housing & Public Safety Advocate.

Adam Theo

Adam Theo is a communications professional, community organizer, urban policy expert, and former candidate in Arlington, Virginia. He is a veteran that's been incarcerated and twice homeless.

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I’m a straight-to-the-point, common sense, policy wonk kind of person that's not afraid to get my hands dirty in community organizing.As co-founder and Director of Communications of the grassroots housing advocacy group YIMBYs of Northern Virginia, member of Arlington's Transportation Commission, frequent volunteer at local charities, and a former candidate for Arlington County Board, my heart and soul are in Arlington’s continued prosperity and safety.I am a veteran of the Air Force Reserves as a civil engineer with a deployment to Afghanistan.

I’ve lived both sides of law enforcement: not only as a communications consultant working alongside police and other first responders for almost a decade, but also incarcerated in county jail when I was 20 years old.Before moving to Arlington 10 years ago, I had been homeless – twice! – including during DC’s 'Snowmageddon' winter of 2009-'10.Originally from Tallahassee, Florida and Valdosta, Georgia with some early years in Australia.


Housing & Homelessness

We're in a housing crisis. Through YIMBYs of Northern Virginia, which I co-founded in 2021 and am now Director of Communications of, I push an "Abundant Housing Policy" for Arlington so everyone can have a safe, stable, and affordable home. I also volunteer with local charities to someday end homelessness.


  • Ranked Choice Voting

  • Safer Streets

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Budget Transparency


Corporate Communications Manager

Encompassing two decades of work experience across social media, knowledge management, press relations, and Section 508 compliance in addition to video production, I manage modern communications teams using metrics, templates, automated workflows, and open communication.

Full Spectrum Video Producer

Specializing in end-to-end production of communications projects, including requirements-building, storyboarding, conducting interviews & site visits, interfacing with security & legal offices, accessibility compliance, multi-channel delivery, and compliant archiving.

Communication Technology Integrator

Focusing on bringing together SharePoint, cloud-based CRMs, websites, email marketing, and social media to support automated production workflows and digital media management.

Seeking a Future in Policy

I want my third decade in the communications field to be helping policy-oriented organizations with a powerful mission better communicate to decision-makers, partners, other stakeholders, donors, and the public using video, creative emails, and automated workflows.

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Political Candidate

In 2022 I ran for Arlington County Board as an independent, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life despite not being elected.

The campaign focused on housing affordability, prioritizing public safety with safer streets and criminal justice reform, as well as advancing Ranked Choice Voting.


For almost a decade I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a structural civil engineer (Prime BEEF) – practicing carpentry, roofing, masonry, welding, laying concrete, and even a bit of plumbing.

Beginning service in 2006, I trained at the Naval Construction Training Center in Gulfport, Mississippi alongside Navy Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers.

During 2011, I deployed to eastern Afghanistan to process intelligence briefings for our commanders as well as embed with Army to build lodging in various Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).

In addition to excellent "handyman" skills, my time in service helped develop the leadership, integrity, and conflict resolution mindset I've used later in life.

What I'm Reading

As an avid reader I'm usually juggling a handful of books on my Kindle.

Most of my reading is non-fiction such as history, economics, business/project management, and biographies (rarely autobiographies since I feel they are often written with self-interested narratives).

When I venture outside of "the real world" it's into science fiction, which I credit for expanding my worldview of social progress and the human condition just as much as non-fiction.


As I recovered from my troubled teens and 20's, I wanted to spend my time volunteering to causes that were dear to me.

Due to my own experience being homeless, I have volunteered with various shelters and affordable housing charities, particularly the excellent Bridges to Independence.

In 2019 I led a group adoption of a local park, and now also lend my hands to the Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail to keep that jewel of NOVA clean and safe.